Honeypot Mail - Worst kind of Spam Merchants

Crawley, England 1 comment
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Got an email from these clowns at my personal hotmail account saying: "My colleague recently came across publicity regarding your services, and I have viewed your website with interest" and also "As a sample of our members (over 300,000 Directors and business owners across the UK) have expressed demand for your services, I'd like to offer you a trial..."

Scam, scam, scam..I don't have a website, never had one and never will....hate these type of emails, trying to be all personal as if you are the only one they have emailed, but it has gone to millions and millions, in the hope that one mug falls for it.

Review about: Spam.



I also got one of these awful emails, and hen you challenge them as to what kind of publicity they came across, they never respond.

I hate these scammers.

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